Traineasy LMS

Our, modern, easy-to-use learning management system helps you to efficiently deliver, manage, and measure your employee training... all in one place!

  • Certifications

    Create ‘Certifications’, such as ‘Fire Safety’, where a course must be passed and retaken on a cycle

  • Training Programmes

    Create ‘Training Programmes’ such as ‘Induction’, where several training activities must be passed before the programme is complete

  • Grace Periods

    Set initial first time completion ‘Grace Periods’ so learners know training is due, but have a few weeks’ grace to take it for the first time

  • E-Mail reminders

    Create e-mail reminders to go to learners, their managers and/or a central L&D email account. These can be generated at intervals right up until the training due date or certification expiry

  • Map Training Courses

    Map training courses and/or programmes to users according to their demographic profiles

  • Reporting

    Give reporting capabilities to managers, or to those needing to create reports for departments, divisions, or the whole business

Who is using Traineasy LMS?

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What is Traineasy Enterprise?

Traineasy Enterprise is another name for Traineasy LMS.  It is a modular enterprise solution comprising a SCORM-compliant LMS, classroom training management, fully integrated appraisal module, performance and career management, and a module designed for the NHS for the management of medial devices.

How can I keep the user records on Traineasy LMS up-to-date?

Whether you have thousands or just a few hundred employees, we provide you with functionality to bulk upload the new starters and amend existing employee data whenever necessary. There is also an optional automatic upload function where the LMS collects a spreadsheet of your user data whenever a new one is created, and uploads it automatically without further intervention.

If a person's job role changes, how are they enrolled onto their new courses?

As soon as a person is added to the LMS or their information is changed, they are automatically added to one or more user groups. This is enough for the system to know what training the person is supposed to be enrolled on and/or be compliant with. If the LMS detects the person is not compliant, it updates the reports and sends out an email reminder.

Can I use Traineasy LMS for live compliance reporting?

Yes! The rules for obtaining / maintaining compliance are created in the system. The reports apply these to the training records in real time. The result is instant and accurate live training compliance reporting.

Do the compliance reports show numerator/denominator information as well as percentage?

Yes, because 80% compliant might mean 4 out of 5 people or 8,000 out of 10,000. The scale of the two situations is phenomenally different, which is why our live reports allow you to toggle the view between percentage and numerator/denominator.

How does the appraisal module integrate with the LMS?

The appraisal module is fully integrated such that managers can log into the LMS and view a list of their direct reports, with those whose appraisals are due  at the top. From this view a manager can delegate a person's appraisal to their manager (the person's grandparent), a peer, or to one of their more senior direct reports. Also from this view a manager can click to record an interim or an appraisal. In doing so they can see the person's training and compliance records and their previously-submitted pre-appraisal questionnaire. Once recorded, the appraisal is sent to the reviewee to view and confirm, or return with a query. A number of reports are available, which show appraisal compliance, compliance with performance levels, plus due and overdue appraisal reports.

What is Career Track?

Career Track is additional functionality that can be integrated with the appraisal module. It allows employees to view the transferable skills they need for their job role and others. Skills can be set to "not targeted", "targeted", "achieved" or "confirmed" and the employee can then see what other jobs in the organisation they might be qualified to apply for. Managers can review all of the skills a person has targeted or set to achieved, and then either set them to confirmed, leave them as is, or revert them to targeted. Career Track can be used by organisations wanting to offer internal career progression for their employees and to track employee competence Vs the transferable skills they need to perform in their role.

How long does it take to set up Traineasy LMS?

Because it is off the shelf, Traineasy LMS can be set up very quickly, in a matter of a few weeks. The training catalogue structure, user data, classroom session information and records of prior learning can all be uploaded in bulk.  The LMS can go live once the user groups, rules for compliance and enrolments are set up. Job Done!

Where are Traineasy's customer LMSs hosted?

Our customer systems are hosted in Northampton, UK, at Node4's tier-3 facility (data centre). In 2016, Node4 was named as Best Performing Company in the Data Centre ad Hosting category by the independent technology sector research provider Megabuyte.

What kind of customer support is available?

There is a 9 to 5 helpdesk with a dedicated email address for customers needing to request assistance or report a problem with their LMS. Our help desk service is renowned for being highly responsive, with the staff always willing to go the extra mile for customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.   


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